The Difference Between Nigel Bonny, His Brother, Mother and Nigel’s Widow, Bonny: True Class


I got a morning email that just made my day. It was from the brother of the late Nigel Bonny. It included a photo of him and his brother and best man, Nigel, at his wedding. And there’s Nigel, posing for a photo with his brother, doing what a best man does — holding onto the wedding ring.

As you can tell from the accompanying photo, it was a very happy time, and the brothers obviously were close. Their smiles speak volumes.

I won’t go into the full text of what he wrote, but I will pull out a couple defining quotes:

“Today is Nigel’s 5th anniversary of passing and I could not let it pass without saying thanks to you for helping us along the way.”

And …

“He was my Best Man and you have helped us retain the respect he deserved in life and in death. All the best to you…”

Thank you, sir, very much. I’m glad I was able to help in some small way. You and your mother have presented nothing but class in your relationship with me. It has been my pleasure to do what I can. And I will continue to do so as long as necessary.

Your class is in true contrast to Dianna Bonny’s crassness, in my opinion. And I wish you and your mother all the best. And I’m happy to see that even on the anniversary of his death, you are remembering the good times in life you had with him while he was here. That’s the best way to honor his memory.

— Steve

Dianna Bonny’s Lies, Lies and More Lies

I just read something that left me slack-jawed, gob-smacked astonished. Under the headline, “Justifying Cyber Harassment as Freedom of Speech,” Dianna Bonny had the nerve, the audacity, to get all righteously indignant about me, and this blog, and what I write about her. I guess she’s getting tired of me writing the truth. Well, frankly, I’m getting equally as tired with all of her lies.

Lies heaped upon lies, heaped upon innuendo, heaped upon delusional thinking.

You call what I write cyber harassment? I call it exposing the truth. Just keep on trying to spin the truth into something that the uninformed might read and feel pity for you. I can write my blog to right your wrongs all day long for the rest of my life if I have to. Just keep publishing your lies, and I promise you, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Dianna Bonny: Truly the Ultimate Victim

You may have heard of The Ultimate Warrior … well, Dianna Bonny plays well as the opposite. She’s The Ultimate Victim.

But here’s how reprehensible she is, in my humble opinion, in trying to play that role, and here are a few facts about her:
• Dianna Bonny demanded a divorce from her husband, Nigel, who wanted to wait for the sake of his children.
• Dianna Bonny had Nigel’s access to credit cut off and his passport impounded with false accusations of his theft of $500,000 from his employer.
• Dianna Bonny had Nigel served with a restraining order to keep him from seeing her or his beloved children.
• Nigel attempted suicide not once, but twice. He was successful the second time. Dianna Bonny could have alerted someone to intervene. She did nothing. The coroner found 31 cents in Nigel’s pocket.
• Dianna Bonny had Nigel cremated with no funeral ceremony.
• Dianna Bonny held onto the ashes for almost three years after Nigel’s suicide, despite Nigel’s mother’s repeated pleas to have them turned over to her as had been previously stipulated and agreed to. Finally, after years of pleading, Dianna Bonny at least finally did that.
• Dianna Bonny subsequently created a self-help blog around the concept of her and her children’s “victimization” as a result of her husband’s suicide and is trying to cash in on his death by writing both the blog and a book. This is not only ironic beyond belief, this is the icing on the reprehensible cake! Trying to use her husband’s suicide as a source of income!

Dianna Bonny: The Ultimate Victim, indeed.

She plays an Academy Award-worthy role as The Ultimate Victim. Very believable, as all Academy Award winners are in their roles. But just like all the Academy Award winners, what she presents is not real! It’s an illusion. It’s not who those actors really are. And Dianna Bonny, playing the continual victim, presents only an illusion. Her victim-hood is not reality. Don’t buy into it.

Here’s a quote from a letter written by an incredibly strong woman, Nigel’s mother:
“The past will stay with you as long as you continue to blog in public as the aggrieved victim.”

This is from an incredibly emotional letter you should read that relates to all this written by Nigel’s mother. It’s heart-wrenching. You want to know who one of the real victims is in this tragedy? It’s Nigel’s mother. And here’s what she so eloquently wrote a few years back:

Stop Playing the Online Victim!

And I’m just doing my part to help out a still grieving mother.

Looking Where the Fault Lies

Dianna Bonny makes it too easy.

Living on the Fault Lines. That’s the title of her blog, and I guess her supposed book, for which she’s still looking for a publisher.

Living on the Fault Lines.

Or is it:

Looking Where the Fault Lies

Or maybe:

Living With Fault and Lies

Or perhaps:

Living in Fault and Lies

In any case … this blog exists to expose Dianna Bonny for who she really is: a woman trying to re-invent herself as some self-help survivor guru after the tragic suicide of her husband, who tried not once, but twice to commit suicide before he was successful. And by re-invent, I mean “cashing in” on the tragic suicide of her husband.

There are plenty of other posts on this blog to provide all the details of how that went down, and why Nigel Bonny took his life, so I won’t repeat all that here. You can read all about that elsewhere on the blog. But now it looks like Bonny is trying to capitalize on that other social media tool, Twitter.

Now she’s sending out tweets almost every waking hour on the hour about … well, what, I’m not sure I exactly know – Quinoa or granola or tea or coconut black rice pudding recipes or word puzzles or “healing supernovas” or some such irrelevance – but she sure is active! And that’s what it’s all about these days, isn’t it? Activity over substance, right? Just get it out there, don’t worry about the content! She’s either non-stop Tweeting, or using some sort of plug-in or automated feed for her Twitter account.

Frankly, it’s all a little exhausting.



Jennifer Thompson San Diego California, please read

Monkey C Media : San Diego California

It is very strange to find a “PR expert” public speaker and coach to be providing the platform and support for a campaign of online denigration against a person who committed suicide under tragic circumstances.


Please consider your position as a publicist. Please let us know your views about responsible online “accountability” in respect of this, and allow other readers to comment.

Jennifer Thompson & Monkey C Media, An open letter

Monkey C Media, reference Dianna Bonny August 24th 2013

An open letter to Jennifer Thompson, platform website developer for Dianna Bonny, trading as Monkey Media


Your personal website advertises you as a coach, researcher, public speaker and cheerleader. As a researcher I trust you are aware of your own clients published materials and the content your clients put onto the platforms you supply.

 You add  “accountability” is part of your philosophy.  


We have serious concerns about your claims.  We wish to give you the opportunity to explain your “accountability” in providing Dianna Bonny with the platform which has enabled her to denigrate a tragic victim of suicide with weekly blogs for over a year. We would like you to explain your “accountability” regarding the suffering caused by the blogs to the victim’s family and friends.


In your services to promote Dianna Bonny online you must have seen my own website which describes Dianna’s behaviour. It has had over 70,000 viewings.  It contains a terribly sad letter from the suicide victim’s mother describing Dianna’s behaviour to the family.  


In case you have been too busy to read this sorry saga I have summarized it below:


3 years ago Dianna signed and issued a restraining order on her husband whom she was divorcing. Under penalty of perjury Dianna stated that her husband had attacked her, abused their children, stolen $500,000 from his employer, was capable of kidnapping and shooting his children, was capable of harming the family pets, was an alcoholic, and was planning to live abroad taking the family wealth.


Dianna’s husband told her that a divorce would harm the whole family and create financial problems for their children. However she served him with divorce papers and he then attempted suicide. He was rescued just in time with the help of his family in England who alerted the local police to save him. He was hospitalized for his own safety but discharged himself a few days later to live in one of his two other homes. He was still on hospital medications but his doctors did not classify him as a risk to others.


The day after he left hospital Dianna issued a restraining order which not only contained the above allegations but denied him the use of his passport to travel to his family abroad and recover. Dianna’s restraining order included a 12 month course for wife battery. A few hours later he committed suicide, leaving a note for his family repudiating all Dianna’s serious allegations, saying he had been driven into a corner by his wife and could take no more. He left behind 3 children whom he loved dearly, 3 homes with equity, and a suicide insurance pay-out of $750,000.


 As Dianna’s divorce had not been finalized she took possession of his body and cremated him with no funeral or memorial service. His mother, aunt, brothers, sister and other family members were given no time to put his body to rest.  Dianna told them that her husband had killed himself due to 3 years tax arrears problems. Yet there was no evidence of this in probate records. However Probate records showed Dianna made inaccurate statements and procedural irregularities which required numerous corrections.  

His mother, brothers, sister and friends questioned these matters. Dianna threatened them with legal sanctions for harassment and instructed the family to make all future correspondence with her and her children via her lawyers.


For over 2 years Dianna refused to tell her husbands family members where she had put her husbands remains.  She joined a “writing skills” club and hired your firm Monkey Media to promote herself as a “self-help guru”. Her regular blogs online have continued to denigrate her husband and  promote herself as a role model “survivor” from whom others could learn a great deal.


An example Dianna blog claimed 

I Burned My Wedding Dress

“A fragile piece of cloth”


“The hopes that caught in my throat as I took his hand at the altar….”


It describes a fictional story as if it were fact

Sadly her memory failed her and her innuendos were equally false.


There was no dress. She wore a two piece suit the skirt just below the knees and a jacket with a peplum waist.


The suit was made up into two pieces and was substantial, not fragile silk.


There was no altar.  They were married in a registry office in front of a plain table.


It is incredibly upsetting for a mother to read regular inaccurate online blog postings about her son who committed suicide. Her husbands frail 80 year old mother finally published an open letter on my website which asked Dianna where she had put her sons remains. The victims mother also asked Dianna to stop denigrating her dead son online for the sake of his 3 children.  


Dianna attempted to barter her husbands remains for the closure of my website. I was given that letter. Her strategy failed and she was finally obliged under pressure of my website readership to return her husbands remains to his mother.   


All the above can be verified from public records and correspondence which I have seen.


You cannot begin to imagine the hurt Dianna has caused to the family of her husband, nor the impact of her actions on the future of her children. Her online actions and your support may have a high price.


So Jennifer Thompson WHY have you been providing Dianna with a public platform to promote her?


It is very strange to find a “PR expert” public speaker and coach to be providing the platform and support for a campaign of online denigration against a person who committed suicide under tragic circumstances.


Please consider your position as a publicist. Please let us know your views about responsible online “accountability” in respect of this, and allow other readers to comment.


Some of the many readers of your website and mine will have informed opinions to share. They can tell us something about the consequences of online blogging with misleading information.


“Communication experts” should be leading the way with responsible, accurate and fair reporting. Should those who unfairly denigrate the dead and who hurt innocent people deserve to keep their freedom of expression?


Please explain your actions and motivations.


 If you have been misinformed we hope this letter corrects that.


However, if you have been aware of the real situation then your public and your clients can form their own opinion.


Nigel’s friends and family created a wonderful testament to Nigel’s life on the site . His family have maintained dignity and, apart from one open letter to me, refrained from responding to Dianna’s own online “survivor” blogging. shows the respect Nigel had generated amongst his many genuine friends across the world. His tribute site still receives many positive comments from those who knew him well.


We are aware that there are many people who sell online platforms to those who then abuse others from the same platforms. ASK.FM in Latvia were recently in the news as a result of a reported suicide of one of their readers who felt bullied.


We hope that any site which becomes a platform for malicious misinformation which unfairly denigrates the dead  will be shut down. We hope that one day those who create such platforms will be sued for the harm which their misinformation creates. Those who create online platforms for harm should be aware that one day they may be held responsible for the consequence of their actions.


Some website developers and content managers knowingly take that risk for the fast buck. We believe their time is running out. At some stage in the future they will be called to account. It’s just a question of time.


Freedom of expression has no place if innocent parties are being unfairly maligned with misinformation.

Especially if they committed suicide as a result of false accusations.


We hope that Dianna can be persuaded to cease her “survivor” blogging which appears to be causing her more harm than she realises.


Members of Nigel’s family have simply asked Nigel’s friends and relatives to say what they thought of him on an open forum tribute site


Nigel’s mother, brothers, sister and other relatives wanted to recognise the goodness in of a person who had been great friend of many others. The website tells the story of his vivacious character and colorful life.


Nigel’s life was flawed like everybody’s. However Nigel was ultimately respected by countless friends and family. His friends from around the world have made wonderful comments for over 2 years.


Jennifer Thompson, you can put online matters right and stop promoting Dianna


Will you please respond accordingly?



Dianna Bonny living with her own Fault’s, and that of Monkey C Media !

By S. Barket 8 -18 – 2013

I almost can not believe what this woman (Dianna Bonny) has written about herself to hide who she is and what she does.

What credentials does Dianna Bonny have to give advice ?

Who is Monkey C Media, the monkeys who publish this site ?

It’s time to do a complete background on Jeniffer Thompson ” the internet marketing strategist specializing in several things and also “SEO”.

What a joke Jeniffer Thompson’s YouTube welcome site has had 427 views since uploaded on May 15th 2011. FYI Jen, my site has had over 70,000 page views since 2011!

Dear Jeniffer Thompson,

Who are you ? Do you credential the people you publish ? Or just take money ?

Dianna Bonny has transformed her nonsense into “Living on the fault lines”, do you have any first hand knowledge of Dianna Bonny’s actions ? Have you read Nigel’s last thoughts or suicide note ? What about the restraining order Dianna Bonny went to court for?

As a responsible person you should do your due-diligence, I will be consulting with my law firm to find out if you have any liability on the advice you publish on behalf of Dianna Bonny.

S. A. Barket




Dianna Bonny : “One only has to Google her to get the measure of her character”

What do I see when I Google Dianna Bonny, some one trying to get my site  pushed down with fill sites.


Living on the fault line




Stay at Home Mom

Linked in


Not much, I see self generated media, also I must complement your writing skills, I did not do well in English at all, as you can tell by my writing. However I did excel in math and self taught myself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also wrote my own algorithms as we can all see I am at the top of the page.

FYI, this site has had over 40,000 hits !

One day I will take the time to learn to spell and use correct punctuation, I get a lot of constructive criticism on that topic. Well I guess not one person can have it all.

Have a nice day



Not so Fast, Dianna Bonny … One Question ? Motivation

I question your motivation in this matter, however returning the ashes is a wonderful thing. I would like to share the hurt of Joan Bonny the first time I spoke to her. It was overwhelming to say the least, I truly hope the healing process can now get underway.

About your motivation, was it the pressure of this site ? Did you truly do it from your heart or as you stated, “IN AN EFFORT TO STOP THIS NONSENSE”.

I would like to hear from you in your own words, please.

So once again I ask myself the same thing – what is Dianna Bonny’s motivation ?